Obituary Magne Raadal

Obituary Magne Raadal

September 27th, 1943 - August 28th, 2022

Professor in Paediatric Dentistry, long- term head of the Department of Paediatric Dentistry and former Dean at the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Bergen (UiB), Magne Raadal passed away on August 28, shortly before he would have turned 79.  

Through his work, Magne knew better than most how poor dental health could permeate and destroy everyday life, and how knowledgeable help could give the patients back their everyday life. Together with professionals from the Faculty of Psychology (UiB) and the Public Dental Health service, Magne established the Centre for Odontophobia in 1992. The centre represented a specialist field within Norwegian dentistry: namely behavioral dentistry, and it also formed the basis for the establishment of interdisciplinary teams throughout the country for the treatment of fear of the dentist. This treatment was eventually recognized as health care and given public support.

As a consequence of a burning commitment to give people the help they needed, Magne established the "Norwegian association for odontophobia", which he led for more than ten years. The ground-breaking research, in combination with the clinical expertise, made Magne one of the trendsetters in both Norwegian and international children's dental care. This was also seen through his involvement as a long-standing board member with various positions in the Norwegian Association for Pediatric dentistry (NFP), The Norwegian Society for pediatric specialists (NFP) and not least his presidency of the European Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (EAPD) where his knowledge, expertise and friendship was greatly valued by his European colleagues.

Magne was a thorough and conscientious doctoral supervisor, and the care and closeness he showed led to his former students becoming close friends for life.

Magne's great hobby was orienteering, but most important of all to him was his family, which he talked about on a daily basis. When his wife, children and grandchildren were around him, the world was unproblematic. Then Magne was happy.

We will remember Magne with great gratitude for his contribution as Professor of Paediatric Dental Care and Dean at UiB. He was a skilled clinician with great commitment to those who needed specialist care, while at the same time he left an important mark in both research and academic management.

Thank you Magne, may you rest in peace.