EAPD Statement for Ukraine

EAPD Statement for Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

EAPD is witnessing with astonishment the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine and the war that is escalating, costing lives of many civilians, including children. A great part of the Ukraine population has become refugees, under very difficult and dangerous conditions, and Ukraine’s infrastructure is being destroyed, threatening the future of the children.

EAPD condemns the brutality of this war that violates the values of democracy, freedom and human rights. No single human being should experience this horror. No child should live and grow up with fear in the heart.

Even though we are a scientific organization, we can not take a neutral position and just stand aside watching these disastrous actions of Russia.

The EAPD Board has taken the decision to suspend the Russian Councilor from attending and voting in the EAPD Council and also hosting any EAPD event in Russia until this unjustified war has come to a definite end further notice. It should be clear that this is not targeted against our Russian colleagues and the Russian people. This is addressed against the current Russian government and their leader for their violence against Ukraine.

EAPD wants to do more than this and therefore the Board calls colleagues all over the world to provide free dental treatment to refugee children from Ukraine, in case they need it. We can make a difference for them!

We want the war to stop immediately and peace to prevail so all children and their parents can live safely and healthy. Our thoughts are with all men and women who are fighting for their families and their country to survive in a peaceful environment.

The EAPD Board