Call for Bids for the 2025 Interim EAPD Seminar

Call for Bids for the 2025 Interim EAPD Seminar

EAPD Board invites countries to bid for the 14th Interim Congress of EAPD in 2025.

Based on the bylaws the bid application should be directed to the Future Congresses and Seminars Committee (FCSC) and should include a budget plan which includes the following aspects:

  • Host city and venue
  • Hotels
  • Proposeddates of the Congress
  • Travelinformation
  • Chair of the local organising committee
  • Professionalorganising company
  • Potentialtopics
  • Estimatedfinancial budget (including the proposed registration fees)
  • Statementfrom the local EAPD Councillor and the local Paediatric Dentistry Society to organise the Congress

Important dates for the procedure are:

  • Deadline to receipt the bids: 31stJanuary2021
  • Period to evaluate the bids: 1st–28thFebruary 2021
  • Interview by ZOOM with bidding country 1st or 2nd week of March2021

Please send any questions regarding the bid and all the documents by mail the EAPD Secretary Assoc. Professor Sotiria Gizani secretary@eapd.euor to the Chair of the FCSC Prof. Norbert Krämer

Further information regarding the bid requirements for the EAPD Interim Seminarscan be found on the EAPD website ( by clicking on Events, then EAPD Congresses and Meetings, then Bid requirements, then Bid requirements for EAPD Interim Seminars.