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Dr. Kyriaki Tsinidou

2017, 1st EAPD-ATHENA Project 27th and 28th of October, Munich, Germany

Dear Colleagues,

EAPD will not receive more applications for the event as there are already accepted about 20 more colleagues than the initial announcement.

This is an annual event and more colledues will have the opportunity to attend next year.

Thank you for your cooperation.



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1st EAPD Athena Master Class for Young Paediatric Dentists
‘Using anatomically prefabricated activators for the early treatment of malocclusion in the primary and mixed dentitions’

This one and half days advanced CPD course is an offer by the EAPD to the Academy's student or active members of good standing.

The EAPD Athena project is now being launched with the 1st EAPD Athena Master Class for Young Paediatric Dentists (free of charge) to take place on 27-28 October 2017 in the Munich Airport Mercure Hotel, Munich, Germany. The title of the Master Class is: “Using anatomically prefabricated activators for the treatment of malocclusion in the primary and mixed dentitions” and the lecturers/trainers will be 2 experienced clinicians/academics from Italy and Finland. The course will cover theory and hands-on activity. A detailed programme is under development and will be e-mailed to you shortly as well as being posted in the Academy’s site. Official EAPD certificates of attendance will be awarded to all participants who attend and complete the course. The Master Class will be limited to 60 participants.

This Master Class is an offer from EAPD to our members, meaning that participants in the Master Class will pay only for their accommodation for 1-3 nights (depending on their flight schedule) and for their flights to/from Munich airport. There will be free registration and free meals and beverages provided during the course days (Friday and Saturday but also Thursday night). Accommodation in the venue hotel, Munich Airport Mercure Hotel should cost in average €120 euros per night for each participant, while cheaper accommodation nearby is also possible. It is hoped that this free-of-charge Master Classes will be hosted the same period every year for our young members. Coordinator of the EAPD ATHENA Project is Dr Nick Lygidakis (lygidakis@ath.fortnet.gr or n.lygidakis@gmail.com), who you can contact for any further information.

As the places for this free of charge Master Class are limited to 1-4 members per EAPD country, you need to contact as soon as possible your Councillor and express your interest to participate. Your Councillor will select the participants from your country who will attend the Master Class – however the number of participants who will attend will be decided centrally by EAPD, depending on the total membership of your country in EAPD.

Deadline for informing us for your interest is 10 July 2017.

Download the Program and Registration form



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